Redundancy in Hollywood: No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits

21 Jan

Following the critical success of Black Swan, both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis chose to make what appears to be the same movie to kick of 2011. Despite the high chances that Portman will win the Best Actress Oscar, her next movie is the fluff piece, No Strings Attached, opposite Ashton Kutcher. The film follows a simple premise: two close friends, a guy and a girl, try to use each other only for sex. Of course it’s a terrible idea and when people attempt a friends with benefits situation, and will always backfire. At least one person (though it usually will turn out to be both) will begin to have these strange things called “feelings” for the other person. A fuck buddy situation is a recipe for disaster.

The first film, No Strings Attached, which I already saw on Friday, follows the recurring meetings of Emma (Natalie Portman), a freshly-out-of med school hospital resident, and Adam (Ashton Kutcher), an aspiring television writer struggling through a “career” as a production assistant on a crappy tv show for teens and living in the shadow of his famous father (Kevin Kline).  I think the movie offered some great laughs and a barrage of lines that will become classics (“Blow is blind”, “It’s like a crime scene in my pants.”) The movie also has a cast of great feminist actresses: Mindy Kaling, Greta Gerwig, Olivia Thirlby, Lake Bell. Overall, cute movie, a little overly sentimental at the end. Here is the trailer:

The second movie documenting an awkward friends with benefits situation is the blatantly-titled Friends with Benefits, starring the less-talented Mila Kunis and the seemingly endlessly talented Justin Timberlake. The only thing I can say for this movie so far is that it portrays oral sex performed on a woman – a much welcome change in Hollywood’s typical fare that indicates men are fearful of down there.  One rule of thumb for whether you should keep a man is if he goes down on women – real men always do, and enjoy it. Losers are scared by cunnilingus. Anyway, JT is looking fiiiiiiiiiinnne in this movie. The trailer for Friends with Benefits:

2 Responses to “Redundancy in Hollywood: No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits

  1. kacee January 26, 2011 at 7:19 PM #

    Please give a shout out to New Haven based writer/director who did this first with his funny, sexy indie flick Friends (with benefits). FWB played the film festival circuit last year winning many ‘best of’ awards along the way. If you didn’t catch it then it’s now available to watch on both Fancast and Babelgum.

    Originally entitiled “F**k Buddies” Mr. Bechard’s movie shares a nearly identical premise to No Strings although he pushes a few more buttons and takes the story in some directions no studio would dare go.

    Mr. Bechard’s film features a stellar NYC based cast including cameos by Rooney Mara (soon to be Lisbeth, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)and NY times featured yoga guru Tara Stiles. You can read more at or check it out at IMDB. Thanks for supporting indie film!!

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