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Bad Days and Bad Blood: Find That Commenter!

21 Apr

The great thing about being a writer with an oft-read blog is having haters. Once again, haters be hatin’. Let us see what one hater had to say today in response to yesterday’s post, Bad Days and Bad Blood:

After reading this post, I feel obligated to respond.  If you wish to “erase hate” from the world, perhaps you should start with your own demons.  You are one of the rudest, bitchiest people I have ever met, and now apparently the most hypocritical. If you do not want others talking rudely behind your back, perhaps you should stop gossiping about others when they are not around.  Or perhaps you should just learn to be a nice person is general.  No one likes to be around a narcissistic, whiny bitch who cares only about herself and doesn’t give a damn about the feelings of those around her.

This lovely comment comes from a reader who volunteered their name as the wonderfully revealing “anonymous”. However, because I have access to the IP address of every person who chooses to comment on my blog (in addition to the longitude and latitude of their location), I did some investigative work and found out a few things about our “anonymous” commenter.

First off, their IP Address originates somewhere within the Air Force. Interesting, indeed. Their geographical location on Google Earth is somewhere near the intersection of Pikes Peak and Murray Boulevard in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I don’t know anyone who lives out that way, so I am now completely stumped.

The comment made above demonstrates EXACTLY the point I am trying to make. This sort of behavior is CYCLICAL. This person hates because they are hurt and in turn they hurt because another person who hates did something bad to them. And perhaps I was that person, though I highly doubt it since I cannot quite figure out who this could be.

Could it not be completely possible that they misread what I was trying to say? I am unsure. I never said I that people talking about people is the primary issue.

If you notice the poor logic in their argument, they simply repeat everything I have already admitted. I said people think I am rude and bitchy. I admit this. I am not going to hide that. It also does not mean that I am inherently rude and bitchy. I explained that this is a defense mechanism. Ultimately, their suggestion to me is completely unhelpful because I was already examining the source of these impressions. I actually am quite a nice person, and perhaps if they took any time to talk to me or truly get to know me (because I am unsure of who this person could be exactly, since they appear to be Air Force, and I can only think of a handful of people I know in the Air Force), they would change their mind.

If this person comes forward with their identity within 72 hours, I will buy them a tank of gas. That’s right! A full tank of gas for the person who wrote this comment! Our world’s most precious commodity free for their taking! Of course they will have to prove it is them by providing me with their laptop so I may examine their browsing history.

I am assuming that because this person was able to find my blog that they could even be friends with me on Facebook. If someone aids me in finding this person, I will get them a $25 gift card to a chain restaurant of their choice.

Fixed Air’s first prize giveaway is underway! Buena suerte!