I Wish I Thought of This First: “Bangable Dudes in History”

10 Jan

A very clever blogger is in need of my admiration. The author of the blog “Bangable Dudes in History”stumbled upon a golden idea I wish I thought of first simply due to the fact that her blog combines two things I enjoy very much: doin’ it and history. I’ve decided to put together my shortlist of bangable dudes in history – enjoy!

1. If anyone reading this knows me personally, this guy is my obvious first pick! John F. Kennedy:

A lot of people think both Bobby and Teddy were hotter, but Bobby had too much chest hair for my taste and Teddy had too much alcoholism. It’s best to stick to the man himself. Also deserving of an honorable mention:

JFK’s son John John. I had a gigantic crush on him when I was in middle school and I cried for days when he passed away.

2. If you are interested in photographs of hot men throughout history, perhaps you’d be interested in learning about one of the men who took one of the first photographs EVER:

Meet Robert Cornelius, who took this self-portrait in 1839. Check out the sex hair on this guy! Not only did he contribute to the development of the daguerreotype, but he also managed to contribute to the catalog of hot men in history.

3. Uh-oh, you might be familiar with this infamous man:

In spite of Che’s association with the not-so-hot Fidel Castro (also not-so-politically-appealing), Che always looked fly in his fatigues and beret. And that cigar in his mouth only makes me wonder at the oral wonders that could ensue with such a man. Viva la revolucion!

4. Give it up for this next guy, who was awesome enough to die in a duel:

Long before Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell asked us to call them “Aaron Burr from the way we’re dropping Hamiltons,” Alexander Hamilton was busy establishing the U.S. Mint and the first national bank. A bona fide financial badass, he’d likely be rolling around in his grave if he saw what was going on today. Speaking of his grave, you can visit his tomb at Trinity Church in NYC on the corners of Broadway and Wall Street.

5. For fans of the Civil War, behold young Robert E. Lee:

A far cry from the white-bearded Confederate general he grew up to be, young Robert E. Lee resembled a John Travolta type, complete with a cleft chin. Considering his surrender at Appomattox, just imagine what else Lee would be willing to surrender in bed!

6. Are you familiar with the Haymarket Riot of 1886? Well this guy may or may not have somehow been involved:

Louis Lingg was a German anarchist writer sentenced to death following the Haymarket bombing. Before he could be executed, he committed suicide by putting a piece of dynamite in his mouth. That sounds pretty horrific, doesn’t it? You know what doesn’t sound horrific? Louis Lingg exploding in my underwear.

Look for another edition in the future!

One Response to “I Wish I Thought of This First: “Bangable Dudes in History””

  1. ctscanhollywood April 19, 2011 at 12:19 PM #

    oh my gosh- a gal after my own heart – http://ctscanhollywood.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/bangable-dudes-in-history-the-blog/

    I mean- Louis Lingg? hell yes. Who should play him a movie?

    Redundancy in Hollywood- agreed
    Nicki Minaj- agreed

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