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Catch Me at the 208 Comedy Festival in September!!

24 Jun

208 Comedy Festival

From September 7-9, 2017, i will be making my return to Boise, Idaho for the first ever 208 Comedy Festival.  Some of my favorite LA heavy hitters will be there with me, including Danielle Perez (Twitter: @divadelux), Marcella Arguello (@marcellacomedy), and other comics I’ve met over the years, like Becky Braunstein from Portland (@BeckyfromAlaska).  Boise is an amazing comedy town.  Check out their comedy club, Liquid Laughs!

Cape Fear Comedy Festival This May!!!

15 Apr

I will be performing stand up at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival from May 17th through May 20th, in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Apparently this is where Dawson’s Creek used to be filmed, but I was too young to really care about James Van Der Beek, so that’s not what I will be thinking about while there.  Instead, I will be focused on brings some hot minutes to the south!  You can find more information about the festival here.


Special Announcement: Idaho Laugh Fest 2017

25 Sep

I have a fun announcement – I will be performing at the 4th Annual Idaho Laugh Fest from January 12th through January 15th, 2017!!!  The festival will take place in Boise and will feature a range of comedians from across the country.  A few friends I know from Los Angeles will also be there!  Show dates and further information is pending!


See Me Perform at the Hudson Valley Comedy Festival from June 30th to July 2nd

27 Jun

Heather Marulli at the Hudson Valley Comedy Festival.jpg

This weekend I will be performing in Kingston and Saugerties, New York as a part of the Hudson Valley Comedy Festival.  Here is where I will be:
Thursday, June 30th at 7:00 PM
Festival Kickoff Early Show
BSP Lounge, 323 Wall Street, Kingston, NY 12401
Friday, July 1st at 6:00 PM
Odd Comics at Odd Fellows
Odd Fellows Temple – Art & Theater Space
220 Main Street, Saugerties, NY 12477
Saturday, July 2nd at 7:30 PM
Jokes and a Movie Late Show
Movie at 7:30 PM, Comedy at 9:30 PM
Seven21 Media Center
721 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401


I’m Making My Stand Up Comedy Debut in Colorado This Memorial Day Weekend

25 May


We’re having dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe first.  Pray for me.

See Me Perform Live in Los Angeles at the Funny Women Festival

17 Nov


On December 3rd at 11:55 PM, I will be partaking in the 3rd Annual Funny Women Festival at iOWest in Hollywood, California in the stand up competition.  Some of the other hilarious women performing in this festival include Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mo Collins, Kate Flannery, and Angela Kinsey!!!

Full details of the event can be found by clicking here.

Question: Is Overboard the Greatest Movie of All Time?

24 Apr


Answer: it is quite possible that Overboard is the greatest movie of all time.  There are several reasons for this, which will be outlined below in a convenient listicle.  For those readers who may be unfamiliar with the 1987 Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn comedy, I feel nothing but sorrow for you.  This is a film filled with hilarity, life lessons, and a great 1980s-style switcheroo plot. HBO Go was recently streaming Overboard, which means you have no excuse to not watch it immediately on some type of streaming platform. DO IT NOW.

For those of you who have not seen Overboard, the film tells the story of Dean Proffitt, a widower father of four crazed boys who works as a carpenter by day and in various odd jobs at night in order to support his family.

On a fateful day, Dean is called out for a job to build a closet on the yacht of a very wealthy couple, Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn, in her comedic and physical prime), and Dean Stayton (Edward Hermann).  Joanna, wearing some of the most ridiculous 1980’s fashions and constantly berating Dean, is a classic rich bitch.

After she refuses to pay Dean for not building her closet to her standards, Joanna falls OVERBOARD her yacht when she drops her wedding ring and attempts to retrieve it. Joanna is then found the next day, but she is suffering from amnesia and has no idea who she is.  Dean, seeing the news report on Joanna, goes to the hospital claiming that the woman is his wife, using knowledge of a birth mark he saw on Joanna’s bottom as proof that he knows her in the biblical sense.

Joanna, renamed Annie Proffitt, then learns the real hard knocks of life, including raising Dean’s kids, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Here are solid evidentiary reasons why Overboard just might be the greatest movie of all time:

1.  The reasoning behind the use of cedar closets, as told by Goldie Hawn’s character, Joanna Stayton, pre-amnesia:  “Because one would think that you would know that closets are made of cedar…the entire civilized world knows that ALL closets are made of cedar.”

2. “I’m a short, fat, slut”. – Goldie Hawn realizing her new reality as Annie Proffitt while wearing one of Annie’s oversized dresses.

3. Goldie Hawn’s outfits before she falls “overboard” her yacht.

Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton

4. Kurt Russell’s bulging muscles.

Kurt Russell

5. Amnesia – what was more funny in the 80’s than a good old-fashioned case of amnesia and the comedic effects of a switcheroo?  This is second only to body-swapping films of the 1980’s.  (Does anyone remember Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore in Like Father Like Son?)

When you really think about it, the plot of Overboard would really never happen, because what Dean did is kind of creepy…but he gets away with it because he’s hot.  Ah, the 80’s – a time I barely remember because I was an infant.  Please watch Overboard for a dose of nostalgia!

Watch Me Perform Stand Up at the Westside Comedy Theater

28 Feb

Things I Am Thankful for This Holiday Season

21 Dec

We are at the end of another year as the inevitable passage of the invented construct of time barrels on. At times,  it can be very difficult to set aside one’s ruminations and neuroticism and simply acknowledge all of the things that we can be thankful for.  This holiday season, here are the things that I am thankful for:

1. Comedy

This year I finally decided to try stand up and I have been going onstage several times per week since January.  Stand up is an art form that I appreciate for its bravery and honesty.  Plus, I am willing to talk about almost anything onstage, including my relationship (which is not the best) and my family background (also not the best).  In 2015, my goals include performing at more venues and entering submissions for comedy festivals.

2. Film

Chef Poster

This year brought us some interesting films, although I would not say this was a landmark year for movies.  Some of the films that were highlights in 2014 were Chef, The Skeleton Twins, Fury, Interstellar, Whiplash, and what I would say was the best movie of the summer, the little-seen Tom Cruise action movie Edge of Tomorrow.  

3. Bacon and Egg Bagel Sandwiches

There is little more heavenly on earth than a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.  Put that on an asiago bagel, and you will be making love to that thing with your mouth. In 2015, I plan on cutting back on these pieces of heaven.

4.  Podcasts

Mental Illness Happy Hour

I recently started listening to podcasts at work and they can be a great way to make yourself feel like you are not totally slaving away for someone else.  Some of my favorites are: The Mental Illness Happy Hour hosted by Paul Gilmartin, which should be required listening for any adult wanting to improve themselves or discuss the battles in their heads; Lady to Lady, hosted by LA comics Tess Barker, Barbara Gray, and Brandie Posey, which features a guest and hilarious discussion about all things lady-related; Serial, the hit Sarah Koenig-hosted podcast discussing the murder of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999 and the murder conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed; Girl on Guy hosted by Aisha Tyler and discussing all things pop culture, comedy, life, and stuff guys dig.  If I had to choose one, it would be The Mental Illness Happy Hour.

5. Employment

We all hate our jobs at some point or another, but being steadily employed for  a long period of time is something that we should be thankful for in this volatile world.  Many people also live in poverty, and those of us who have the fortune of being able to work and support ourselves need to think of this when we complain about silly things like someone getting our coffee order wrong.

Listen to My Interview on Nick Has A Poolhouse

21 Sep

Hello Fixed Air readers!!

Recently, my good friend and fellow stand up comedian Nick Kaufman had me as a guest on his podcast, Nick Has A Poolhouse.

Nick asks me about how having a bad set can affect my mood, how my parents’ marriage influences my the state of my current romantic relationship, why I get sad sometimes, and one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Please take a listen through any of the links below:




Please like Nick Has A Poolhouse on Facebook and subscribe on iTunes!!

Nick Has A Poolhouse Photo