True Blood: Hookah, I Need to Know: You Got a Death Wish?

9 Aug

Goodbye, Sookeh

This week’s episode, “Night on the Sun,” centers on Sookie and Bill’s jeopardized relationship. Even though Bill saves Sookie with his blood, he no longer wants to hurt her, and he leaves her hospital room after a teary goodbye. In the meantime, Eric appears to have gone insane while in the confines of Russell’s mansion. He gets down on bended knee and proclaims his loyalty to Russell. Ick. Lafayette comforts Tara in her continuing post-traumatic stress. When will Tara ever have something good happen in her life? Blah. In the saggy-underpants world of the Mickens family, the mother finally gives in and leaves Bon Temps without Tommy. Later on, Lafayette’s crazy mother reappears at his doorstep, screaming about vampires. I guess they have to use Alfre Woodard somehow. In Jason’s simple-minded world, Crystal shows up to his house with a black eye and asks him for some whiskey. And oh yeah, he’s preparing to avenge Bill for harming his sister, but that’s just a minor detail.


  • Eric mentioning how he enjoys “a good head-ripping” as much as the next guy.
  • Terry singing to Arlene’s pregnant tummy (which still doesn’t look pregnant at all) and turning into Rene. Welcome back, you rapey murderer, you.
  • Jessica hugging Bill.
  • Nelsan Ellis has great arms, and those women’s halter tops he wears shows them off. That is all.
  • Aclide and Sookie’s lingering, sexually-tense goodbye. No Alcide, do not go. Take off your pants, first.
  • Bill teaching Jessica how to fight.
  • Bill to Jessica on Sookie: “Jessica, it’s over.” Jessica: “No way.” Bill: “Way.”
  • Jessica telling Bill how she’s in love with Hoyt and how “it sucks.”
  • Eric’s snug, vertically-striped shirt. Wowzers.
  • Talbot: “I’m bored. Take off your clothes .” Eric, looking around: “A little…privacy?”
  • Eric was really getting into kissing Talbot…then he almost got coital with him before he stabbed him to death.


  • Bill trying to order Jessica to leave. “I can’t protect you! I’m no gooood, to – you!” Over-inflection, much?
  • Tara’s shower masturbation scene. I mean, that’s enough of Franklin.
  • The return of Crystal. What is she, damnit? And more importantly, do we still care?
  • Tommy trying to threaten Hoyt. I don’t get it. Leave poor Hoyt alone.
  • Sookie and Bill’s kissy reunion after fighting off Debbie and Russell.
  • Um, Jessica was really into drinking that werewolf’s blood…awkward.

Questions for next week:

  • What will happen to Eric and will he face any consequences for killing Talbot?
  • Will Jason continue to try to save Crystal the meth cook, and why?
  • What is Sookie, exactly?

Here’s a preview for next week’s episode, “Everything is Broken”:

src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”480″ height=”385″>

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