True Blood: I Just Need Some Meth.

3 Aug

All eyes on Sookeh.

Please excuse my tardiness with yet another installment of True Blood highlights and lowlights. I had a lazy weekend.

This week’s episode marks the halfway point of the season. We open on Lorena still sucking on Sookie, declaring that she tastes delicious. A weak Bill then chokes Lorena with silver and encourages Sookie to kill Lorena. After Lorena’s gone, some challenges still remain: Debbie, Alcide’s ex is hopped up on V and corners Sookie, Alcide and Tara in the shack. The three manage to escape and embark on a wild van ride. Meanwhile, Hoyt and Jason continue to face romantic challenges galore, and Eric continues to try to get any information on Sookie from the Queen of Louisiana. Sookie eventually ends up in a coma after Bill drinks her blood to revive himself, and Jason, Lafayette and Tara hold vigil for her in the hospital.


  • Lorena is finally dead. Sookie jammed a broomstick through her heart, sending the she-devil back to hell in a huge burst of blood.
  • Hoyt and Jason bonding over being depressed over girls. This is how I hope boys really are.
  • The Queen of Louisiana sitting in a cage so elegantly.
  • Jason asking Lafayette to get him some meth.
  • Sookie’s coma dream – I would really like to know what the water Sookie was drinking tasted like.
  • Lafayette’s prayer over Sookie in the hospital. Lafayette is consistently proving to be one of more deep characters on the show.
  • Russell torturing the magistrate in the basement of Fangtasia. “Ay, que lastima!”
  • Eric: “Your majesty, shall we?” Russell: “We shall. Actually, no. Say hello to the true death.” Then he slices off the magistrate’s head.


  • Summer, that annoying chick Hoyt went out on a date with last week, wandering into his place with biscuits. Back off, bitch.
  • All of those horrible, gross people who were so into dog fighting.
  • Bill tossing Sookie around like a plaything and sucking her blood – not hot.
  • Yet another seen of the Mickens father in his underpants – coupled with Sam calling him out for his “saggy underpants”.
  • We finally see that Pam has been tortured at Fangtasia for the last two weeks. What the f?

Questions for next week:

  • What will happen between Sookie and Bill? Did Bill really not remember drinking her blood?
  • How will Eric’s relationship with Russell develop?
  • Will someone notice that Franklin is dead in his bed? Will anyone care?

Here’s a preview of “Night on the Sun,” next week’s episode:

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