True Blood: We Want to Eat You

15 Aug

Eric getting the 3rd degree.

This week, Eric makes his return to Louisiana and Fangtasia, where he is scorned for his actions and “silvered” as a punishment. Eric is then forced to give a statement on Russell and his intent to “subjugate” all humans to Nan Flanagan, who takes time out of her schedule to make sure the Vampire Rights Amendment passes. Russell rushes to his manse only to find Talbot a gooey, bloody mess of a vampire. Bill and Sookie are back together, of course, and they spend time together by cleaning up dead bodies and such. In the meantime, Tara is still upset over being upset, and Sam has to watch it all unfold. Tara eventually finds herself in a support group for abused women. He also has to keep watching Tommy. Jason prepares to go up against Crystal’s tormentors/fellow meth cookers, and Hoyt and Jessica continue to pine for each other. Arlene makes a decision every woman has to make for herself regarding her pregnancy. And Russell, well, Russell is about to rip America a new one.


  • Eric looking pretty genuinely scared when he was being questioned about the disappearance of the magister (whom Russell killed).
  • Eric’s amazing recounting of werewolves in Constantinople. A man who knows history, rawrrr…
  • Eric: “Fuck the authority! Russell’s words, verbatim.”
  • Sookie finding out that Hadley’s son has the same mind-reading abilities.
  • Eric telling Pam that it is her “turn to be a maker,” while comforting her in his arms. Sigh.
  • Russell is carrying around Talbot’s remains in a glass jar. Gross.
  • Eric is given permission to get vengeance over Russell, but he mentions his fear of Russell being three times his age.
  • Nan Flanagan to Eric: “Listen, you whiny pile of shit.”
  • Sam beats the shit out of Crystal’s creepy dad, and Lafayette and do the right thing and take him to the hospital.
  • OOH! The return of Franklin! Surprise! I knew he wasn’t dead!
  • And then Jason saves Tara with wooden bullets! Clever!
  • Russell’s guest appearance on TBBN. He means war.
  • “We are not your equals. we want to eat you…after we eat your children. Now for the weather…Tiffany!”


  • Bill and Sookie’s cheesy, trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy shower scene.
  • Tara is still crying with her shivery, shivery lip.
  • Why did Terry have to call Sam over to make the sex noises stop? Can’t Terry do anything? Man up.
  • Sam walking into the sex-noise apartment in question to find Tommy, petite, pale, and naked, getting it on with a girl he probably would never get it on with in real life.
  • Tara goes to a group meeting for women who have been abused. Blah.
  • Hoyt taking Summer to Merlotte’s right in front of Jessica. He’s pretty much an ass.
  • Summer: “Can’t do much antiquing after dark, can we?” Eww, she likes antiquing.

A shitty preview for next week’s episode, “I Smell a Rat”:

2 Responses to “True Blood: We Want to Eat You”

  1. constantineintokyo August 16, 2010 at 3:59 AM #

    Fantastic ending to this episode, I think the writers for True Blood are definitely improving upon the story line presented in the novels. I just have one small complaint – IF BILL AND SOOKIE KEEP FUCKING THEN I WILL FUCKING GOUGE MY EYES OUT. Seriously. That needs to stop.

    • fixedair August 16, 2010 at 1:11 PM #

      Bill and Sookie’s fucking is the worst part of True Blood. I’m so over them. I would like to see Sookie hook it up with Eric – I think that will happen next week.

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