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…And It All Came Crashing Down

18 Apr

…And it all came crashing down

When she knew what your name was

When she knew where you lived,

When she knew you liked drum circles.

…And I was a fool for ever thinking I was the only one

The only one you thought of

When you closed your eyes at whatever hour

You find to be a decent time to finally sleep.

…And when I realized that I had been played,

That you thought you were clever,

That you thought your illusion was complete,

It all ended in thirty seconds of an exchange.

…And when you’re older and wiser

(If that ever actually happens)

You’ll suddenly realize what you had –

A good and faithful woman,

Someone who loved you so.

…But it all came crashing down

On a strange LA night,

Beneath the smog of invisible stars.