Please Donate to Support Caleb Medley

25 Jul

One of the victims in last week’s Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting was Caleb Medley, an aspiring comedic performer who recently moved to Denver to further his career. In a matter of seconds, Caleb’s life completely changed.

Caleb Medley


When gunfire rang out in the theater, Caleb was one of the patrons injured. Caleb’s injuries are very grave – he was shot in the face and has had to have his right eye removed.  Doctors have also said that he is brain damaged. He will require ongoing medical care and will be in the ICU for at least two more weeks. Caleb does not have health insurance. The huge expenses of Caleb’s care will likely be millions of dollars.

Caleb’s wife Katie was scheduled to be induced to give birth to their first son last Sunday.  Katie, who was in the theater with Caleb, was uninjured. Katie gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Hugo on Tuesday.

Katie and Hugo Medley

If you would like to help lessen some of the burden for Caleb and Katie, donations can be made to a fund at the following address:

Support Caleb Medley

c/o Canon National Bank

401 East Main Street

Florence, CO 81226

The fundraising efforts are being undertaken by one of Caleb’s friends, Mike West. You can email him with questions at

I am posting this in the hope that some of my friends in the performing arts and comedy professions will also spread the word. Thank you for reading!!!

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