Wildfire on the Edge of Colorado Springs

24 Jun

Yesterday as I was leaving the gym I noticed a large plume of smoke rising from the top of a mountain at the western edge of Colorado Springs.  Huge bright red flames rose from the mountain.  The fire, deemed the Waldo Canyon Fire, grew the rest of the night and into this morning.  Thousands of residents of Manitou Springs and the westside of Colorado Springs were ordered to evacuate.  Temperatures will rise to close to 99 degrees today, which only makes this situation more dire.

Here are some close-ups of the fire burning just a few miles away:

Wildfire burning in Waldo Canyon, on the edge of Colorado Springs.

UPDATES: Earlier today a mandatory evacuation was put in effect for residents of Manitou Springs. I just heard that the authorities lifted the evacuation order for tonight. Perhaps that is a good sign.

I went to the office for a few hours today only to leave and see the city covered in smoke. Stay inside if you can and try not to breathe in the smoke.

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