True Blood: Eric, What the F*ck?

25 Jul

Poor Arlene and her poor, horrible life.

This week, Sookie comes into danger when she gets taken to the King of Mississippi’s mansion, and Eric apparently has led Sookie on to believe that he cares about her. Russell questions Sookie about what she is, but she really doesn’t know – and she’s shocked to learn that Bill has kept a file on her family for centuries. Meanwhile, Tara is still trapped by Franklin, and she’s so crazy that she bites into him and drinks his blood. Jason hits a snag with Crystal, who turns out to have a fiance with a beaten-up face. Russell invites Eric out with him to see the Queen of Louisiana, from whom Eric rescinds his loyalty. Sookie tries to save Bill after he’s fed on by a werewolf and his werewhore companion, but Lorena, ever-persistent throws her against a wall and starts drinking.


  • Lorena to Sookie: “I would love to rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat.”
  • Sookie’s impression of Eric: “Sookeh…you make me feel almost human.”
  • Jessica giving a break to the ever-frazzled Arlene by glamouring a customer into leaving a huge tip.
  • Jesus and Lafayette = warm and fuzzies.
  • Eric’s flirtatious card-playing with Russel’s consort, Talbot.
  • The return of the Queen of Louisiana!
  • Eric tell the Queen, “No sweetheart, you go fuck yourself.”
  • Tara going all Lizzie Borden on Franklin – WOW.


  • Jason and Crystal making out by the lake – no one really cares.
  • Lorena tying up Bill and slicing him open – Bill’s face was ridiculous in this scene.
  • Tara is still tied to Franklin’s bed – ew. And Franklin calls her a “wicked little strumpet” – double ew.
  • Bill’s long, miserable monologue to Lorena as he’s laying in a puddle of his coagulated blood.
  • Any seen with any member of the Mickens family – they can go away, now.

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode, “Hitting the Ground”:

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