Knight & Day: Tom Cruise is Somehow Still Hot.

7 Jul

Tom Cruise, somehow still hot.

While viewing the latest offering from Scientologist/professional couch-jumper Tom Cruise, I could not help but think: damn, Tom Cruise is still hot. I was truly shocked at how well he has managed to preserve both his face and body. (And it hopefully has nothing to so with a weird Scientologist anti-aging practice – eek.) At 48, Tom still has “it,” whatever that “it” is.

Looking at Cruise’s IMDB page, he hasn’t really been in a lot of movies. Apparently, he’s only been in 33 movies in the last 29 years. That seems a little unbelievable for someone who has been called the biggest movie star in the world. I think my favorite Tom Cruise movie has to be a tie between Interview with the Vampire and Mission: Impossible (the first one). Despite what many people may think, Tom Cruise can actually act, and I am definitely looking forward to Mission: Impossible IV (his next movie, due out sometime next year).

But what is Knight & Day about, you ask? It doesn’t really matter. Basically, Cameron Diaz plays a woman who likes restoring cars trying to go home to Boston for her sister’s wedding. And Tom Cruise is a highly-skilled spy who intervenes in her life only to make things much more complicated. The movie also involves a high-tech item that a bunch of bad guys want (typical), Peter Sarsgaard as a villain (even more typical), and lots of explosions and non-believable jumps from far distances (most typical). This movie was very entertaining and did not need to be anything else, really. Plus, it raised my opinion of Tom Cruise, which had been very low for some years now. It was the Scientology recruitment video that had lowered it for me, in addition to the rumor that he stood no more than 5’7″ and wears massive lifts in his shoes. But he was married to Nicole Kidman (a fellow Amazon goddess) and they never looked too ridiculous together in pictures. Katie Holmes is also around 5’10”, so it can’t really be that bad. Cameron Diaz is also very tall, but she and Cruise look at each other eye-to-eye throughout the movie.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that Cruise still does a lot of his own stunts, which impresses me very much for someone who is considered an old man by Hollywood standards. He also has a really good body and the same cute face he’s had forever. I know how gross this probably all sounds, but if you’ve ever had even the smallest inkling that Tom Cruise was at some point and time attractive, Knight & Day will re-confirm that notion for you. Also, it’s just a good summer movie in a sea of failure that Hollywood is dead set on shoving down our throats this year. It has some pretty funny lines and a lot of Tom Cruise action sequences a la Ethan Hunt.

So God bless America for giving us Tom Cruise, his smile, and his bod. But not so much for the craziness.

Grade: B+

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