True Blood: Mr. Northman, Will You Please Come In?

21 Jun

The third season of True Blood is off to an amazing start. Last night’s episode followed Bill in his continued effort to escape his kidnappers, while Lafayette takes a suicidal Tara to visit his own mother in an institution. Also, Jessica attempts to dispose of the dead body she still has hidden in the floor, and Eric talks vampires and Nazis with Sookie.

Other highlights:

  • Blood bisque and blood gelato served by the Vampire King of Mississippi.
  • The flashback to World War II with Eric and Godric posing as SS members.
  • The revelation that Sam’s brother is also a shapeshifter.
  • Sookie’s impression of Bill: “I keep expecting him to come through the door and say, SOOKEH.”
  • Eric, at seeing Sookie cry, saying:”Please don’t do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human.”
  • Bill throwing a lit candle at Lorena (Um, where the hell did she come from?)
  • “Mr. Northman, will you PLEASE come in?” Enough said.
  • Snoop Dogg’s “Oh Sookie” music video. He’s so fucking serious, it’s amazing.

And some pressing questions for next week:

  • Who (or what) moved the body Jessica had in the cellar?
  • What’s the deal with Franklin Mott (the newest vampire to come to Bon Temps who helps Tara beat up on some bad dude)? Is he good, bad, or good at being bad?
  • Will Sam be able to trust his biological parents? What about his shapeshifter brother?
  • Will Sookie take up Eric on having some “primal, passionate sex’? I will if she doesn’t.
  • Is Bill ever making it back to Bon Temps? More importantly, will anyone care?

Here’s the promo for last week’s episode, “Beautifully Broken”:

Oh, and Snoop:

One Response to “True Blood: Mr. Northman, Will You Please Come In?”

  1. Esmeralda June 7, 2012 at 5:20 AM #

    If you combine the two rewievs and then dissect them, you find they say a whole lot of nothing and present more questions as a review should peak interest without giving anything away. I come away with the following:Sookie loves EricSookie knows Eric feeds but is jealous of younger women donors because she knows blood and sex are intertwined for vampires. She also knows that blood does not always lead to sex. Who asked or told Sookie to be at the party early? Was it a call or a written invitation? Could it have been Pam being mischievous and have nothing to do with the murder?The woman is dead in Eric’s yard. Which leads to the question “Was the Party at Eric’s house and if not; who knew where Eric lives? Claudine had been to Eric’s house. Could she have told Claude? It is a given that Niall knows where Eric lives. Bill knows too and this makes Bill suspect as we all know he wants Sookie and Bill has killed for his purposes before. I however don’t think it is Bill. Somehow I think Bubba will know “Who done it.”Dermot wanted to do more than Fairy pile with Sookie, He clearly wants her. Does he want her enough to frame Eric? Does Claude have ulterior motives; like revenge for Claudine’s death? Could Niall be behind framing Eric as a way to separate him from Sookie? He has been nefarious before. IMO it has to be a Fae as the spiked blood had to come from a Fae. Could it be an “assumed dead” water Fae?It seems the Cookie Doe wanted Eric for her self (who wouldn’t?). She would have been an easy mark for a Fae to convince that spiking her blood was the way to go. The implication is that she is young and dumb. Did she frequent Claude’s strip club? Not concerned about Bill and the co-investigation, he is just a bone thrown out there to heighten anxiety. I would love it if he was the killer but he won’t be.Could the cluviel dor be what resolves Sookie’s aging issue? Kind of a waste of immense power if she uses it for youth.No mention of the Queen of OK so I’m thinking it’s not her. Too obvious. De Castro is also too obvious but that takes us back to Quinn as a contender since getting Eric out of the way would be to his benefit. Was there someone we thought was killed at Rhodes that may be back? Can anyone recall a characters body that was not found or there was no mention of seeing them disintegrate?In past books CH has not made the offender obvious.I cannot wait till May! 4 likes

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