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You Can Pry My Maxi Dresses Out of My Cold, Dead Hands

9 May

Quite recently, Sarah Miller of Jezebel attempted to argue that the maxi dress is an ugly item that no one needs to wear.  I have one thing to say to Sarah Miller: she can pry my maxi dresses out of my cold, dead, withered hands.  The maxi dress may not flatter every body type, and it looks less perfect on women of a shorter stature.  But for a tall woman, which is something I am familiar with being at 5’11”, the maxi dress is a godsend and the gift that keeps on giving.

The maxi dress burst onto the fashion scene most recently between 2007 and 2008.  At this time I was still a student at NYU, and every NYU girl was wearing the maxi dress.  Now, I live in Los Angeles and perform as a comedian.  The maxi dress is still a staple for Los Angeles women.  The maxi dress is here to stay.  Believed to have first appeared in 1968 as a part of an Oscar de la Renta collection, the maxi dress was popular throughout the 1970s but eventually fizzled out.  However, the maxi dress is holding strong as a staple of the last eight or nine years.

Perhaps the most flaws part of Miller’s argument is that she believes that women with her body type – tall and busty – do not look good in maxi dresses.  I am tall and busty, and I swear by the maxi dress.  Being tall and busty means that you sometimes cannot wear things that you would like to wear, just like every body type struggles at times.  For example, I would love to wear more button-up shirts.  Do they work on me?  Not really, because the buttons are oft pushed apart by my bustiness.  I would also like to wear more jeans, but a lot of jeans are not cut in a way that makes me feel good in them.  Maxi dresses are a universally flattering and fun piece that will most likely not cause any woman to bang her head against the proverbial fitting room of life.

However, some are trying to say that Miller’s piece was an attempt at satire.  If she was trying to be facetious, she chose the wrong thing to be facetious about, as a maxi dress is something I would protect with my life.  Now excuse me while I enjoy this May day in my maxi dress.  Today I am wearing this maxi dress by Felicity & Coco:

Felicity and Coco dress


Tra la la!!! I love maxi dresses and you pry mine out of my dead hands, Sarah Miller!

A Dire Situation: My Anthropologie Obsession

16 Jun

I've wanted this for what seems like decades.

If you’ve met me somehow in this life, you likely are aware of my love of shopping and fashion. I enjoy wearing unique, stylish clothing that flatters my figure and generally makes me happy. It’s hard to explain how clothing can make one happy, but I suppose I can try to make sense of it by writing about one of my favorite stores.

One store that has become a favorite is the Urban Outfitters spinoff, Anthropologie. I first got turned on to this store when I noticed that every amazing piece of clothing and jewelry owned by one of my close girlfriends came from there. If you’ve ever stepped foot into an Anthropologie store, you may still be completely unaware of its connection to its oldest, and grungiest cousin, Urban Outfitters. The merchandise in Urban has become more strange and of less quality of late. I would frequently visit the Urban Outfitters on Broadway between Houston and Bleecker and nearly always leave with nothing but for a lingering feeling of annoyance. Everything seemed either too tight, too hipster-ish, too weird, or looked too much like it had made a cameo appearance on Cops. In stark contrast to the tragedy that has befallen Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie emerged as a beacon of light for women in their early twenties who are caught somewhere between Abercrombie and Ann Taylor.

Anthropologie stores are typically decorated in a whimsical, natural theme reminiscent of a fairy tale forest. More importantly, the stores usually always smell amazing, mainly due to the fact that they carry candles and incense, which are typically lit and displayed at the front of the store. Anthropologie stores also tend to have a home-like feel – the store displays furniture and bedding also for sale.  I’ve had nothing but positive experiences shopping in the stores – the staff is always happy and eager to help you find something new. The best Anthropologie store I’ve ever been to is the Rockefeller Center store, located adjacent to the GE building on the 6th Avenue side. The most important thing about Anthro (as it is known by its frequent customers) is their collections of unique and beautiful pieces of clothing, purchased from independent designers and vendors.  Anthropologie has gained a reputation for being quite expensive – I will admit that Anthropologie is not for frugal shopping, but if you want to wear beautiful, well-made clothing, you’ll eventually find that such a thing does not come cheap. I look at buying fashion both as an investment and a hobby.

Not everyone can wear Anthropologie pieces. Many people who know me may have noticed my willingness to wear things that many people probably would not or simply cannot wear. Bold dressing is a part of my personality, and Anthropologie makes it easier for me to dress in a manner that expresses the strength of my personality.

The dress in the upper left-hand corner is something I’ve had my eye on for a while. Now that I actually have a real job (and funemployment is suspended), I’ll probably pick it up within the next few weeks.

Here are some other items that portray the Anthropologie aesthetic (not to mention items from my wish list):

An intricate floral cardigan.

A pretty raffia headband - not for the faint of heart.

Big, chunky necklaces.

A poufy halter dress with Meso-American embroidery.