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Lesson Learned: What the Death of Ryan Dunn Taught Us

25 Jun

In case you have not yet heard, Ryan Dunn, star of Jackass and Viva La Bam, among other classic MTV offerings, died very early last Monday morning when he crashed his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 in Pennsylvania. The passenger in his car, Zachary Hartwell, also died. The accident happened after a night of drinking by Dunn and friends at a local bar, and many are placing the blame for the accident on Dunn’s reputation as a daredevil with a disregard for self-respect or for the lives of others.

Many of the comments I heard about Dunn’s death are extremely self-serving and opportunist. There’s quite a bit of talk of how he “wasted” his entire life only to selfishly take someone down with him.  I cannot agree with this sentiment. Dunn made a living having fun with his friends, and I am quite sure that many of the young people who have decried his death probably watched Jackass a time or two.  Additionally, the fact tat Dunn’s passenger also died presents multiple issues regarding responsibility.  The passenger chose to get in the car with a driver who drank.  The likelihood of some sort of lawsuit emerging from this horrible, fiery car crash is inevitable. However, the truth is that Dunn’s demise is the fate of quite a bit of young people who disregard laws about drinking and driving.

A post on TheDirty.com (I cannot believe I am referring to that site) has a poster proclaim, “Ryan Dunn deserved to die”. Really? Does anyone ever “deserve” to die? I cannot say that I have ever thought someone “deserved” to die. I do recall a student I knew in college who was quite mean to me. He ended up dying in a horrible electrocution accident on a film set just a few months later. I remember telling my boyfriend at the time what had happened, and his only response was, “karma is a bitch.” Shocked at this statement and touched by my Catholic guilt, I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and lit a candle for the poor boy. Surely he did not deserve to die.

So what did we learn from Ryan Dunn’s death? Do not drink and drive – a lesson that people should know by now but sadly have not. Do not get in a car with a friend who’s been drinking. Stop them from driving. Do not drive your Porsche 130 mph on a winding road – this could surely be a mistake for anyone, sober or not.

Perhaps the most startling thing about Dunn’s death – for me, at least – is the very young age at which he died. I am always put off by hearing stories of the young dying, especially those with loved ones and friends who will live decades after their friend.  A television interview with Bam Margera at the site of the crash showed the true pain of a young death – a grown man crying profusely at the loss of his best friend, weak and defeated.  My discomfort at seeing Margera cry in turn caused me to cry. Margera will now live without his best friend – someone he considered his brother.  This is what people should consider when recalling Dunn’s demise. Through actions he chose, he left behind those who love him.

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Life Lessons: Don’t Drive Drunk

16 Mar

The other night one of my best friends and I happened to be in exactly the right place at the right time. Something or someone sent us to see something that will forever change some of the stupid, irresponsible shit we’ve done before.

Getting a DUI can and will ruin your life. Don't risk it.

At around 1:12 AM, we were approaching a very popular intersection in the city, heading toward Burger King for a late night snack. At the same time, we noticed a car speeding (around 60-70 mph in a 35 mph zone) down the lanes that run the opposite direction. The car struck a massive power line pole, which fell and struck the front end of the car. The car spun out at least 6 or 7 times, and debris flew everywhere. A power line was severed and sparking all over the street. Brooke pulled over to the side of the road and I pulled out my phone to call 911. The dispatcher asked me a lot of detailed questions and let me know that police were on the way. Eventually we made our way into the parking lot facing the accident and let a police officer know that we witnessed the accident. To make a long story short, we ended up waiting around for two hours until the police said we could go. We also ran into two acquaintances of some friends we had just been hanging out with before seeing the accident.

The driver is under suspicion of DUI, which makes sense due to the high speed and general reckless nature of the accident. Brooke and myself are simply lucky that the car didn’t cross the median, because we could have been very hurt. We took the time to think about what happened and how important it is for young people who enjoy going out for drinks to be more responsible. I will not go into too much detail, but we are hoping that this experience will change the minds about some people we know about driving after a night of partying. It’s not worth the risk of a DUI, injury, or death. If you’re going out in a group of friends, someone has to step up and be responsible. It’s only the right thing to do.