Send in Your “Hate” to Jake Cannon by January 3rd, 2016

29 Dec

What I Hate About You

Have you ever hated something about me?  Do you perhaps strongly dislike something about me?

Maybe you hate my ultra-liberal politics.  Maybe you hate my abrasive honesty. Maybe you hate my last name.  I know I do.  Maybe you hate the fact that I’m always on my laptop (stacking paper, natch).  Maybe you hate my personality and you left an anonymous comment saying why on this same blog back in 2012 (that really happened and I still don’t know who it was).

Now is your chance to air your grievances in the style of Festivus – I will be appearing on the What I Hate About You Podcast!!!  We are recording on Sunday, January 3rd, so please get your hate in soon  You cannot submit anonymously.

You can find Jake Cannon on Twitter: @cannon_jake

The link to the Tumblr for the podcast is here.

I’m really looking forward to this!!! *Fake smiles!!!*

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