Fixed Air Liveblogs the 86th Annual Academy Awards

2 Mar

I cannot remember if I live-blogged the Oscars last year, but I decided to do it this year out of sheer respect for the great year that 2013 had in film.  The fun starts at 4 PM PST.  Please come back for live-blogging fun!!!

– Heather

86th Annual Academy Awards

5:30 PM – And it begins!  Ellen is discussing how it’s been raining here in LA.  “Thank you for your prayers!” Pretty standard LA jokes.

5:32 PM – There’s Lupita Nyong’o, looking beautiful in her gown.

5:34 PM – All of these jokes are pretty mean and Ellen is now talking about how “youth is the most important thing in the world”.

John Travolta’s face looks botoxed.

5:37 PM – J-LAW!!!!! Ellen riffs on her dress looking like a traffic cone.

5:38 PM – Jared Leto is the most beautiful person here tonight!  He and McConaughey are both wearing white suit jackets.

5:40 PM – Ellen just said that if “12 Years a Slave” doesn’t win Best Picture, then everyone might be a racist.

“And now, please welcome our first white presenter, Anne Hathaway!!”

5:43 PM – The first award of the night – Best Supporting Actor!!! Who shall win???

And the winner is Jared Leto!!!!! Much deserved for Jared Leto!

5:44 PM – “To all the dreamers watching this out there tonight…I want to say, we are here…we’re thinking of you tonight. There’s so many people that helped me get here.” – Jared Leto

5:47 PM – “It’s so tiring being a nominee…it must be exhausting.” – Jim Carrey, obviously implying that he’s never been nominated for an Oscar.

5:48 PM – A compilation of the animated films that have made an impact over time.

5:51 PM – Pharell singing his Oscar-nominated song “Happy” in that hat again. Why the hat?

5:57 PM – Best Costume Design is Catherine Martin for The Great Gatsby (She’s married to Baz Luhrmann, FYI).

6:01 PM – Best Makeup and Hair – “Dallas Buyers Club”

6:02 PM – Harrison Ford is presenting a look at the Best Picture nominees. He has a goatee for some odd reason.

6:05 PM – Channing Tatum was invited to this thing? Why? Let us never forget that he was in “Step Up”.

6:25 PM – Oh, I love this song from “Her”.  Karen O performing “The Moon Song”.

7:13 PM – They’re about to give out Best Supporting Actress!  Who will it be???

And the winner is…Lupita Nyong’o in “12 Years a Slave”.  She looks very elegant and beautiful in her long blue gown.  Love it!

7:34 PM – Pink is sining “Over the Rainbow” in a red sequin gown that is apparently supposed to resemble a ruby red slipper. I am not quite sure how this is fitting in with the rest of the show.

8:44 PM – Best Actress – And the Oscar goes to – Cate Blanchett!!! This is so wonderfully obvious!  She was amazing in “Blue Jasmine”.

8:50 PM – Best Actor in a Leading Role…and the Oscar goes to….Matthew McConaughey!!!  A much-deserved award! ‘I know my father is up there with a big pot of gumbo and a lemon meringue pie.” – How sweet.

8:55 PM – Will Smith is coming out to give the award for Best Picture.

And the Oscar goes to…

“12 Years a Slave”


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