Paul Ryan Says He Climbed 40 Fourteeners. Paul Ryan is Confused.

5 Sep

So, Paul Ryan. Who is this guy? Is there more to him than looking like a well-fed Crispin Glover? Seriously, did his wife like him because he resembled George McFly?

Paul Ryan says things. He says a lot of scary things. Perhaps the most scary things he discusses are blatant lies about his personal achievements. The other day on The Ed Show, Ryan’s lie about his personal best marathon time was revealed. Ryan claimed that he ran a marathon in “2 hours and fifty-something” minutes, but Ed, researching the matter, found evidence that Ryan actually ran a marathon in 1990 with a time of 4 hours and one minute. Ryan surely thinks highly of himself.

Paul’s latest lie? Claiming that he’s climbed “close to 40” of Colorado’s fourteeners, meaning mountains that are taller than 14,000 feet. Having grown up in Colorado, and in spite of not being a climber, I am aware of the effort it takes to commit oneself to climbing ALL of Colorado’s 53 fourteeners.  Most people who set out to climb all of these mountains are residents, and often plan out how to climb them all ahead of time. I know one resident who has lived in Colorado for 8 years and has climbed only 15 14-ers, mostly due to other time commitments and constraints.  If Paul Ryan is a Congressman, like he claims, then how could he possibly have time to climb 40 Colorado fourteeners without living there?

Obviously there are more questions that need to be asked of Paul Ryan. Does he really like Ayn Rand? Does he know Ayn Rand probably would not like him? Is he kidding when he says Rage Against the Machine is his favorite band? Are him and the P90X guy BFFs?

So. Many. Questions.

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