Get Your Underthings Right: The Stretch Lace Thong

27 May

As a lady, I like to think I know a thing or two about underwear. I’ve worn it all my life, just like a lady is expected to. It’s taken many years and many trials of various types of underwear, but I’ve decided that there is only one kind for me: the stretch lace thong.

I have not always been a fan of thongs. Early versions I tried dug in on my hips and left strange marks deep in my skin. These early attempts at wearing thongs were also marred by terrible graphic designs on the crotch: cherries, martinis, and smiley faces. Someone actually thought that those were good things to appear on someone’s crotch. These early defeats lead to years of dedication to the boyshort, a cute hip-hugging design that is comfortable but not necessarily forgiving when it comes to VPL. Boyshorts typically do not look okay underneath tight skirts and dresses. As a fan of tight skirts and dresses, though I am not a prostitute, (even though sure they save money on underwear) I am in need of something that will both eliminate VPL and hide my ladyparts. I chose to experiment with the stretch lace thong. Here follows an analysis of four major brands of stretch lace thongs, along with a grade.

1. Victoria’s Secret: The Lacie Thong

The Lacie is a very popular style sold by Victoria’s Secret. It comes in a rainbow of colors and an array of animal prints. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” title does not seem to apply here. I have around five pairs of the Lacie thong, and they all fit differently. Plus, I have found that the level of annoyance I experience while shopping in Victoria’s Secret while being bombarded by the questions of salesgirls simply is not worth it. No, I do not need help choosing out my “Lacies”. They’re all the same damn size.

Overall grade: C

2. Soma Amazing Stretch Lace Thong

I worked at a Soma store for a few months following my college graduation due to the horrors of the Great Recession. When I got hired, I was able to choose three different pairs of underwear for free. Out of all of the ones I tried, the “amazing” stretch lace thong was the best one. Unfortunately, I found that the lace was really too thin and probably very cheap. The act of putting them on caused my nails to get snagged on the lace and for small holes to show up. I got fired for this job because as the manager told me, “it’s clear to me that your future is not with the magic of Soma.” Damn straight it’s not.

Overall grade: B-

3. Express One Size Fits All Stretch Lace Thong

Express is one of my favorite stores for two reasons: lots of pieces that come in leopard print and coupons. Unfortunately, even though I tend to own half of the items carried in the store at any one time, their thongs are not anything I will seek out in the future. The fit is all wrong and the underwear ends up riding up, riding down, riding sideways -you name it. Also, the material is clearly very cheap. DO NOT BUY THESE.

Overall grade: D

4. Hanky Panky One Size Fits All Stretch Lace Thong

This pair of underwear is a gift from above. Started thirty years ago, Hanky Panky is the brainchild of designer Gale Epstein. Epstein created a custom set of underwear from handkerchiefs for a friend, and after fashion industry professionals got hold of Epstein’s work, Hanky Panky was born. My favorite design is the low-rise lace thong. It’s available in 40 colors. The only downside is the price. At $18 a pair, they are an investment that every lady should make. The Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Thong is the ultimate pair of underwear. It’s also available at Anthropologie and Free People stores.

Overall grade: A

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